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I apologize for being on again, off again, on again... and hereby resume limited work to restore, repair or rejuvenate vintage electronics. logo

I only work on vacuum tube devices; this means if you have a "solid state" transistor or modern integrated circuit device with a problem, I can't help you.

I specialize in electronic repair of turntables, amplifiers, radios and the old style cathode ray tube TV receivers including color. If your unit is missing a part such as a tube or a speaker or a motor or a needle or a knob, I do not stock those items. I can possibly guide you in finding one. I can give a certain amount of free advice over the phone or email but extensive research is billable and payable partially in advance.

After meeting you at Menlo Home n Garden on West Congress, I take your device to my home workshop for repair. I do not buy or sell or appraise equipment.

A fee is paid initially which covers diagnosis and analysis and MAYBE a minor repair. In most cases, additional charges will accrue if you decide to proceed and these may be partially due in advance. The minimum non-refundable fee paid in advance to take in any device is $50 and could be more depending on how big, complicated, delicate or valuable the thing might be. If you need a large console device repaired, I charge $60 to $120 to visit your house and assess your unit. If I take the inner workings back to my shop, there will be additional charges in advance. The cost of in home visit depends on your distance from zip code 85745. If you want me to work on a vacuum tube car radio, it must already be out of the car.

You may email me anytime or call during business hours.

Nights or weekends I will answer calls from unknown numbers but defer any discussion of Retronica jobs to the work week, M-F 9-5.

I had said the original site pages would re-appear if I started back up again but this is simpler and reflects the changes I have made in my pricing and business model. Dynaco, Fisher, Garrard, Magnavox, Zenith, Scott, Philco, GE, Sylvania, Grundig, Harman Kardon, Silvertone owners of vintage vacuum tube gear in Tucson, bring it on! Thank you.

--Thomas Higgins

Email:  [email protected]

Tel:  520.360.8707

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Majestic Bakelite Model 651 (pre war) Majestic Bakelite Model 651 (pre war) - interior rear Knight tube receiver with magic tuning eye 1964 crosley model 10-140 bakelite postwar