The term "golden age" gets thrown around a lot; sometimes a bit hyperbolically. Most audiophiles would agree that from right after the war until transistor designs replaced tubes, we did enjoy a golden age of hi fi. Our goal is not to recreate that time like some kind of museum experience but to hear the most music possible using the proven engineering of the past.

From the time I threw together a crystal radio as a grade school nerd, I was hooked on all things electronic and mechanical. Eventually, I worked my way up into broadcast TV where I spent 25 years making pictures fly through the air.


Thank you for visiting my site. Hours are by appointment only; please write to set up a day and time to meet. I do not work nights or weekends or holidays. Images and details about items I have fixed can be seen at


Retronica assumes no liability for damages or personal injury arising from use of any repaired item. Repaired circuitry and parts are guaranteed 30 days. Most sets can be made to perform nominally in manner consistent with parameters and performance expectations contemporary with time of manufacture. Retronica does not perform cosmetic restoration or reconstruction of exterior or appearance items.

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