Price Guide


Table Radio, Single or Multi Band: from $60

Console Radio without phonograph: from $100

Monochrome TV, table model: from $125

Monochrome TV, console: from $150

Color TV: from $200

Stereo Amplifier, Tuner or Receiver: from $100

Stereo Turntable: from $75

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder: from $80

Home Theater Setup: from $80

In-Home Service Call based on distance from 85745 zip code starts at $60 for first hour inclusive.

Half of the base total price is due at drop-off and is a non-refundable diagnostic fee. Base price includes where applicable replacement of filter capacitors in DC supply. Tubes, phono cartridge or needle are extra and priced at catalog price plus shipping and 20%. Radio and tuner coils will be peaked for maximum sensitivity, and dial tracking will be optimized. Volume controls and selector switches will be spray cleaned. TV High Voltage, linearity and AGC will be optimized. Tape decks will be optimized for bias and level.

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