Tubes Aglow Again

This is and thank you for visiting. I can fix your vintage tube-type radio, TV, or stereo from my combined home and office facility in Tucson, Arizona. I offer my 40+ years of experience and training in electronic repair, design and operation to meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

Most consumer electronic equipment made from about 1930 until 1970 or so can be easily restored to operating condition with readily available parts at reasonable prices. Please write to me at [email protected] or phone me at 520 360 8707 to get a price quote.

A buzzing radio or a blacked-out TV gets that way over time usually due to chemical decay of the power supply filter system.
Here is how my service works:
I pick up your defective unit--or you bring it to me--and pay a small non-refundable diagnostic fee. I determine what is needed to get it going again and give you a figure to cover the parts and labor to complete the job. You pay the balance at the end when you pick up your working device. If a job gets complicated or becomes unpredictable, I will ask for partial payment for some of the parts as we go along. I calculate the cost based on the complexity of the job and parts, of course. My hourly rate varies between $20 and $40 depending on the specific tasks required.
A common repair in an "American Five" AM table radio for example is to eliminate a loud hum in the speaker. Your total cost for a typical fix on such a unit would be under $80 total which is the cost of just one hour of labor at a retail electronic shop with all its overhead.



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